Richard Grehalva is the author of “Unleashing the Power of Consulting Selling” and “The Boomerpreneur Revolution” He combines the heart of a teacher and the head of a successful business executive to guide organizations and individuals to reach their true potential. The son of Greywolf an elder, he has been described as a “Renaissance Man” From growing up in the tough streets of East Los Angeles he developed a “Achiever not a Disbeliever Mindset.”

Richard Grehalva is a recognized industry expert on persuasion and influence for creating mindset performance strategies in marketing, consultative selling, leadership and life strategies. As an author, trainer and motivational speaker he has positively affected people and organizations worldwide.

A world class executive, expert in transforming organizations from the Fortune 500 to those aspiring to shift from ordinary to exceptional, Rich Grehalva has never been content to settle. From his humble beginnings as a youth on the mean streets of East Los Angeles, Rich knew he would never accept the status quo. At a young age he was driven by his intuitive knowledge that things can always be better and that excellence and significance were attainable. Rich evolved and implemented a strategy to change his world. Mission accomplished.

Grehalva’s rich cultural background provided him a foundation and understanding that there are many pathways to the summit. His broad international and domestic business successes and never ending examination on improving processes to attain superior results have shown him the best routes to the summit. As the founder of Rich Grehalva International Inc., Rich is positioned to share his knowledge to maximize and unleash the power within organizations and guide them to meaningful tangible results.

He transformed an exceptional background in senior executive leadership roles in companies throughout the world (over 20 countries) into leadership consulting for operations, sales, marketing, business development, project management and change management.

He also incorporates the teaching philosophy of his father Greywolf, a Native American elder and teacher into his programs. To maintain his competitive spirit, he is an award winning racecar driver and sometimes includes his live video feeds from the track to illustrate his points in motivational speaking programs.


Selling Upside Down – The Sales Funnel Is Pointing In the Wrong Direction

What if everything you know about sales and marketing was outdated and here is a secret it is. What if the sales funnel was pointed in the wrong direction…what if all the experts and Guru’s were wrong? What if instead, you could you use a system that generates more sales, improves your relationships, saves time and shows you how to get customers to buy again. Richard wrote the book on consultative selling and this is the next level of selling to the web savvy customer. “Selling Upside Down” will show you how to: Out wit…Out maneuver…Out smart…Out innovate and Outsell your competition.

The ABC’s of Success: Attitudes, Beliefs, Communications

In this talk learn the Patterns of Highly Effective Peak Performers. In Richard’s research of top performers he found it comes down to three critical areas. He calls them the ABC’s of Success. Learn How to Motivate Yourself in Becoming a Peak Performer. Learn to have a “Achiever not Disbeliever Mindset”. “Obtain your Success” even in tough times.

Run Your Own Line – 7 Keys for Winning the Race in your Personal and Professional Life

Richard Grehalva is an author, speaker, consultant, coach and an amateur race car driver and shares lessons learned on the race track. You will learn “To Win You Race”. Passion – What drives you to achieve? Team – It takes a team to compete and teamwork to win. The Line – To win it takes a plan. The Track – The importance of following processes. The Race Line – Change Happens! Flags – they are warning signals and you will learn to recognize what they are and what they mean. Run Your Own Line – You cannot compete if you do not show up.


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