Francis Tapon is a TEDx speaker who has hiked across America four times, walked across Spain twice, and has traveled to over 100 counties. He has written two books, Hike Your Own Hike and The Hidden Europe. He is currently on a four-year voyage to visit all 54 African countries. He has a Religion BA from Amherst College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Francis Tapon’s mother is from Chile and his father is from France, but Francis was born in San Francisco. He is fluent in English, French, and Spanish. He struggles with Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, and Russian. If you point a gun to his head, he’ll start speaking other languages too.

He earned a Religion Degree with honors from Amherst College. He also has an MBA from Harvard Business School. After Harvard, he co-founded a robotic vision company in Silicon Valley. Then he decided to change his life forever.

In 2001, he sold the little he had to hike the 3,000 km Appalachian Trail. Then, after consulting for Hitachi, he visited all 25 countries in Eastern Europe in 2004. He consulted at Microsoft before hiking the 4,200 km Pacific Crest Trail in 2006. In 2007, he became the first person to do a round-trip on the Continental Divide Trail—a seven-month journey spanning 9,000 km. In 2008-2011, he visited over 40 European countries, but focused on revisiting all the Eastern European ones. In 2009, he climbed up Mont Blanc and walked across Spain twice. He’s backpacked over 20,000 kilometers (12,500 miles) and traveled to over 100 countries.

He is the author of Hike Your Own Hike: 7 Life Lessons from Backpacking Across America.

He also wrote The Hidden Europe: What Eastern Europeans Can Teach Us.

He is currently on a four-year journey to visit all 54 African countries. His goal is to wander to all 193 countries of the world, see what we can learn from them, and share it with everyone.

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The Unseen Africa

From 2013-2017, Francis is traveling to all 54 African countries. In this custom speech, he will share his latest experiences with you. He will cover the economic revolution that rolling throughout Africa. Where are the best opportunities? What are some of Africa’s remaining challenges? What are some unknown parts? What’s life really like on the ground? What are some of the cultural oddities? These are some of the many questions that Francis will answer during his comprehensive presentation.

What Can Eastern Europeans Teach Us?

He will deliver a fascinating 90-minute multimedia presentation about Europe’s hidden side. Discover the side of Europe that few know. See hundreds of photos covering 25 Eastern European countries. Francis will discuss the upcoming 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall – and what we can learn from it. He will also discuss the current state of Eastern Europe along with the future opportunities and challenges in the region. He will share personal travel anecdotes that will make you laugh. Discover why and where you should go to in Eastern Europe.

How Travel Transforms

Based on Francis Tapon’s TEDx Fillmore speech, this speech begins with the hypothesis that travel can bring wisdom and can transform you. He cites examples of prophets, secular people, and his own experiences. He will show images of the 4 times he walked across America and his 3 years in Eastern Europe. This speech can will be tailored for organizations. For example, Microsoft had Francis speak at their global conference, where he shared the Top 7 Things You Can Do To Improve your Organization.

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OLGA KOSTROVA is a serial entrepreneur, social innovator, visionary who inspires audiences with profound, often controversial insights derived from her 20+ years of marketing management career, entrepreneurial adventures, world travels and alternative transformational practices. Her speeches are visually stunning as they are accompanied by performing artists – from dancers to magicians, to make Olga’s messages understandable and memorable. Olga Kostrova is known for envisioning crowdfunding, and pioneering the industry with one of the first virtual co-funding and co-ideation platforms in 2004, inventing new marketing technologies and advertising models, facilitating unprecedented outcomes via C-suite executive coaching that led not only to increased performance and productivity but also got rid of clinical depression and paralysis – all in a single 2 hour session.


1) Envisioning New Forms of Collaborative Environment for 2015 To Increase Employee Retention, Performance, Productivity And Decrease Healthcare Costs.

Talent turnover becomes not only an operational challenge but also can turn in a PR disaster. In the era of booming social media, employees become social advocates and ex-employees the harshest critics. In her brutally honest speech Olga Kostrova reveals many hidden reasons why some employees might be getting ready to leave your company and forever spoil your reputation, and invites you to envision new forms of collaborative environments that will foster employee satisfaction. Your organization and employees will benefit from insights derived from her 20+ years of executive career, C-suite coaching and social media consulting.

2) What SMBs and Enterprises Fail To Consider For Successful Sales & Marketing Alignment.

According to Forrester Research more than 90 percent of organizations still have a marketing and sales alignment problem, despite the popularity of the subject. True marketing and sales alignment requires a fundamental shift, beyond marketing automation and process optimization. In her speech, the COO of SocialAgenda Media will share her professional observations and data from her peer-to-peer studies that will offer a change of the angle from which organizations are looking at the problem, to foster tangible transformation.

3) What Angler Fish Learned From BDSM And You, As A Corporate Leader, Can Learn Too.

For decades leadership has been described as “a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”. Studies of leadership have produced theories involving traits, situational interaction, function, behavior, power, vision and values, charisma, and intelligence, among others. In her presentation Olga challenges such common misconceptions as power and control and “externalization” of leadership, and instead focuses on a secret sauce that both angler fish and BDSM practitioners have learned, that as a corporate leader you can learn too.

4) 10 Shocking Similarities Between Leadership And Pole Dancing.

Insights for this humorous and provocative speech has not been derived from the speaker’s personal experience, but use rather this metaphor for entertainment and demonstration of the subject matter. The speech is accompanied by performance of an invited professional pole dancer (male and/or female). There is no nudity in the performance, it is interactive and therefore great for casual parties and closing pre-gala keynotes.

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Olga Kostrova not only delivered entertaining and insightful sales, marketing and leadership speeches for our event; her C-suite coaching also helped a few of our core executive team members recover from personal traumas and physical diseases that effected their productivity and personal performance. We have decided to risk and rebuild some areas of our office and add what she called a “screaming room”, with the sound system, for employees to release work related (and unrelated) stress in guided environment. And apparently they love it! But it’s still a stealth project…

– – CEO of undisclosed company

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Serial entrepreneur, process innovator, former executive for SAP and Procter & Gamble, responsible for billions of dollars in pipeline management. Frank Donny is an expert in predictive analytics, revenue performance, global demand generation, sales operations, product management and partner development.

Frank has 25+ years of experience at Fortune 100 and start-up organizations driving marketing and sales operations. In August of 2011, Frank launched his third company Marseli, a revenue intelligence and management software company. Marseli’s flagship solution, Marseli Revenue Intelligence, focuses on the predictive behaviors of sales people and how those behaviors impact revenue performance, marketing ROI and forecasting data integrity.

Before he founded Marseli, Frank was Senior Vice President of Demand Generation at Richardson, where he managed the areas of global demand generation, pipeline management, sales operations, product management and partner development. Prior to Richardson, Frank was the Senior Director of Marketing, Services Industries, at SAP Americas – where he was responsible for nearly $3 billion in pipeline management. Prior to joining SAP, Frank founded MindShare Marketing, a demand generation strategy and lead management process consulting company.

Frank began his sales and marketing career at Procter & Gamble and his entrepreneurial side emerged when in 1999 he co-founded CorePROFIT Solutions, a successful SaaS software and services firm that offers customer relationship management and profitability applications to the financial services industry.

Frank has a BS in Marketing from Marquette University and an MBA from Western Illinois. He hails from a farm in Monroe, Wisconsin and is proud to be a true cheesehead.


Leveraging Predictive & Behavior-Based Intelligence To Better Prepare for Change.

What does the future hold? For those of you in the business of marketing and selling – it holds CHANGE!
It’s a constant. It never stops. Getting a hold of change and controlling it is the holy grail of all business leaders. What if you could at least get a glimpse of change? Maybe have some level of intelligence that puts some clarity into your fuzzy future.
The good is that for you executives charged with generating your company’s revenue, there is a way to get that clarity.
Listen to inventor and author Frank Donny, as he creatively presents how you can use predictive, behavior-based analytics to improve future revenue performance. Frank invented the Marseli behavior-based predictive revenue intelligence methodology that is helping Fortune 500 companies get that glimpse into the future. Allowing key insights into how changing today, will impact tomorrow.

Attendees will learn the 14 key sales behaviors that can be tracked, assessed and leveraged to improve both personal and corporate sales performance. Presented in a funny, direct and personal manner, Frank will use real-life customer experiences to drive home each learning nugget.

Life lessons from the farm. Hard-learned wisdom to help you succeed in any career.

Growing up on a family farm in Wisconsin taught Frank Donny how to deal with a lot of crap. Literally. All kidding aside, lessons learned from growing up on a farm is a funny, uplifting and motivating session that will leave the audience with memorable actions they can immediately take to improve their personal and professional lives.
The session focuses on how to improve work ethic, building respect, accountability and how to work well with others. Life lessons from the farm follows an outline of the core ingredients that every person should use in their daily lives – as learned the hard way on the farm.
You can take the boy out of the farm, but not the farm out of the boy. Frank has leveraged these lessons to not only rise to the top of his career at SAP and win nearly every company award, become a successful Chief Marketing Officer several times over, but also become an entrepreneur and start three successful companies.

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As Editor in Chief of iPhone Life magazine and a Google Glass Explorer, Alex Cequea has his finger on the pulse of mobile technology and the latest consumer tech trends. An award-winning speaker, he’s passionate, engaging, informative, and entertaining. In 2013 he attempted to break the Guinness World Record for Longest Speech Marathon by speaking for almost 37 hours straight. His work and projects have been featured on numerous national media outlets including CBS, NBC, and Univision.

Alex holds an MBA and writes and speaks about mobile technology, business, and personal branding. He was the main host of the 2013 CTIA iZone Innovation Stage, where he presented, moderated panels, and conducted on-stage interviews.

He has presented to audiences large and small, and placed in the top 200 speakers worldwide (out of 25,000) in the 2011 Toastmasters International Inspirational Speech Contest. In June of 2013, he attempted to break the Guinness World Record for Longest Speech Marathon by giving a series of back-to-back presentations for almost 37 hours straight. His work and projects have been featured on TIME.com, Discovery Tech, NBC, ABC, Univision, and CBS.

He’s also a former Division I college tennis player, and he travels often between Boulder, CO, Houston, TX, and Fairfield, IA.

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What’s the Best Way to Reach a Mobile Audience?

Instant mobile connectivity is shifting the way we market our products and reach our audiences. In this presentation, Alex Cequea breaks down the dos and don’ts of mobile marketing, and offers important insight into mobile consumer trends and the future of mobile technology.

What’s Your Story?

What do successful brands, rock-start entrepreneurs, and blockbuster movies have a in common? They know the art of telling a good story. In this presentation Alex shares the keys to building an engaging and powerful story, which you can use to build your business, brand, or sell your product. Learn how to connect with your audience on an emotional level, and turn potential buyers into lifelong fans who root for your success. Case studies include successful viral videos, political campaigns, and brands that turned themselves into household names.

How to Get More Free Publicity

In this interactive and hands-on presentation (available as a workshop or keynote), Alex uses his knowledge of the media industry to teach you how to get maximum publicity for very little cost. He details several unique marketing case studies, including one simple idea that cost $0 and took 20 minutes to set up, that got iPhone Life featured on every major national news channel. Participants will walk away with several actionable ideas for getting free publicity for their product or service.

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Sharon Drew Morgen is a NYTimes bestselling author and the original thinker in the sales field. She has developed Buying Facilitation® to help sellers help buyers manage their buying decision path and focuses on making ethical business practices profitable. Her new work is in the area of listening – how people can hear each other. Morgen is a provocative speaker who offers audiences new ways to think through old problems successfully, and walk away with fresh ideas and solid takeaways to enhance their success.

As an adjunct to the sales model, Morgen has taught Buying Facilitation® globally. She has written 7 books on the topic, including Selling with Integrity, Dirty Little Secrets (why buyers can’t buy and seller’s can’t sell), Sales on the Line, and Buying Facilitation®. She has appeared on NPR, CNN, and CNBC as an authority on the buying decision process. She has personally trained 25,000 on five continents in Buying Facilitation®.

Morgen’s newest work is on listening, collaborating, and making sure communication partners hear each other to limit restrictions and maximize creativity, change management, and leadership.

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Selling doesn’t cause buying

The sales model places solutions. But as our corporate cultures and buying decision team members get more diverse, giving prospects data about our solutions isn’t good enough. Buyers must get buy-in from many people before they have agreement for a purchase; the sales model doesn’t offer skills to facilitate the systemic, idiosyncratic buy-in process. In this provocative talk, Sharon Drew offers audiences a look into buying decisions from the buyer’s viewpoint, and adds a decision facilitation capability to sales to bring all decision makers together quickly; enlist the buying decision team on the first call and improve revenue eight fold by managing both ends of the buyer’s decision process.

Do you want to sell? Or have someone buy?

Selling and buying are two different activities. Sales only handles one of them and is not part of the buyer’s private, idiosyncratic buying decision process. As a result, sellers wait for the low hanging fruit to drop and close merely 7% of all prospects. Companies hire 5x more sales people than necessary, face delayed sales cycles, and waste 90% of a seller’s time. It’s possible to know who is going to buy, when: 80% of buyers will buy within 2 years – from a different vendor. The time it takes buyers to get the appropriate buy-in from the full buying decision team, and to shift the corporate culture to allow change, is the length of the sales cycle. This provocative talk exposes issues that prevents sales and offer ideas to enhance closing through helping buyers buy.

What? How to really hear what others want to say.

Did you know that we hear merely 30% of what is said to us? That our entire lives are biased by how well we can hear what others intend to convey? We pick our jobs, our spouses, our friends and neighbors according to our listening capability. In this very provocative talk, Morgen explains how we listen and what we listen for, how our listening restricts our collaboration, creativity, leadership, and success, and offers fresh ideas of how to have more choices and success in how we hear what others intend to convey.

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Sharon Drew provided Qvidian’s Connect11 attendees with a very engaging, thought provoking and interactive session focused on leveraging Buying Facilitation® techniques to help manage the buying decision path earlier, and thereby drive higher win rates and increased sales effectiveness. Prior to the conference she spent quite a bit of time doing research and speaking with a few of our clients to make sure she had a clear understanding of our needs and possible solutions for us. We learned a lot, and were able to use her ideas to help us respond to our clients better.
Rich Berkman, VP Partnerships,

Sharon Drew’s Buying Facilitation® has helped us in two important ways. First, key members of my team have been trained by Sharon Drew. With that background we have been able to walk advisors thru a decision making process to determine what the clients would need on the product side, Buying Facilitation® teaches them how to work with the buyer to design unique, appropriate solutions that they would be willing to buy from us. As a results our advisors have been able to expand their practice and build meaningful leverage and growth. Our entire manager-of-managers platform has been developed based on what the advisors have gleaned from this collaborative decision making approach (Buying Facilitation®) and as a result we know how to help them to compete effectively for HNW clients in today’s marketplace.

Secondly, and this is where the long-term benefits are really beginning to pay off, our using Buying Facilitation® instead of conventional sales helps the advisors see that their deeply rooted “open-present-close-hope” sales methodology is not consistent with being a trusted advisor as much as it is with being a “broker” (a term they despise). Some of the braver members of the group are actually involving a member of my team (trained by Sharon Drew and using the collaborative decision making of Buying Facilitation®) to help buyers recognize their own criteria and figure out how to make their best decision using us as their supplier – all of this, early on in the sales cycle with their clients and it is providing them with success much earlier, and with more prospects, than they would normally have achieved using conventional sales methods. And it has been a very positive reaction. We are just now beginning to see the guard come down and the realization set in that this stuff works! It has been difficult given the cultural shift that has been required but things are indeed moving forward at a more rapid pace than ever.

We are still at the “aha” stage for the many. But as they see the power of helping clients make their own decisions rather than having to be the one with all the answers they are becoming more open to our advice and coaching. There is tough work yet to be done, but the skills we have developed thru Sharon Drew’s program have helped us become true agents of change, which is rewarding.

Jim Vaughan, VP Marketing, Operations (High Net Worth),
William Blair Select Investment Partners

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Known simply as “The International Man of Memory”, Chester Santos has left an impression on all corners of the earth. Through his ability to demonstrate extraordinary feats of the mind, as well as educate others to do the same, this U.S. Memory Champion is widely regarded to be one of the greatest memory experts in the world. His memory talents have been featured in numerous media outlets including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, ABC and PBS. From recalling a random 100-plus digit sequence in five minutes to naming every U.S. congress person’s state and district number, there’s no memory challenge Chester hasn’t taken on.

Chester’s presentations are a wonderfully unique blend of interactivity, entertainment, inspiration, and education. He delights audiences while helping them to develop real world skills that they can apply to achieve more success in their career and personal life. His presentations are “unforgettable” experiences that everyone will always “remember” and talk about for years to come.

While Chester understands his exceptional skill, he also believes that every person has the ability to demonstrate amazing abilities with their memory given the proper technique and guidance. Through workshops, corporate trainings, or his renowned speeches and presentations, Chester has developed a knack for passing on valuable memory techniques in ways that are easy to understand and retain for years to come. In his workshops, Chester has taught an 85-year-old to recite every Academy Award Best Picture winner in the last 25 years. Every one of his speaking engagements ends with a standing ovation. On nearly every continent in the world, Chester has inspired thousands of people to develop their memory. And as the International Man of Memory, this is the accomplishment that makes him most proud.

As a National Memory Champion, Chester Santos has used the skills he has honed to teach thousands of people to reach their potential to develop a powerful memory that benefits them for the rest of their lives!

Memory is a powerful tool in this fast moving age. Chester teaches memory techniques to a range of people across many different professions. He believes that anyone is capable of doing amazing things with their mind.

Audience members will learn simple techniques that will help them to:

  • Remember the name of every single person that they ever meet.
  • Have instant recall of important business related facts and figures.
  • Give eloquent speeches and presentations from memory without notes.
  • Learn foreign languages.
  • Master material for exams.
  • Improve brain fitness.

Chester Santos is a gifted teacher and memory expert with over 10 years of achievements in the field of memory.

A respected international speaker and corporate trainer in the area of memory improvement and brain fitness with clients that include Fortune 500 companies and prestigious universities such as Harvard, Stanford, and Berkeley.

The brains behind the iPhone application, ‘Steel Trap’ ranked as high as #2 in education applications in the US, as well as being ranked in the top 50 paid applications overall in the US.

Media personality, highly sought after for his skills and expertise, that has appeared in newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and film.

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Chester has demonstrated all of the following for live audiences:

  • Memorized and perfectly recalled a 100+ digit sequence of numbers after looking at it for only five minutes.
  • Memorized and perfectly recalled an entire deck of playing cards in less than 90 seconds.
  • Learned hundreds of random words, names & faces, and poetry, in a matter of minutes.
  • Perfect recall of all Kentucky Derby results since it started in the year 1875.
  • Perfect recall of the entire United States Congress.

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1) The Power of Remembering Names in Business

Develop and strengthen relationships with colleagues, existing clients, and potential clients by remembering names and other key relationship building information

2) Memory Power = Networking Power

Get the most out of business networking by remembering names and other information about people that you meet at events. You are not getting the most out of networking if you see someone that you previously met at an event and you can’t remember their name or what they do for a living.

3) Your Most Valuable Business Asset is Your Brain

Improve performance in multiple areas of your business by remembering important business related facts & figures, speeches/presentations, names, foreign languages, sales scripts, product information, and much more!

Aging / Baby Boomers:

1) A Powerful and Sharp Memory for Life

Develop powerful memory skills that will improve your brain fitness and have you remembering anything quickly, easily, and with tremendous accuracy.

Inspirational / Motivational:

1) You Are a Walking Supercomputer

Your brain is more powerful than any electronic device. Learn to wield its power to remember more than you ever dreamed possible.

College / University:
1) Study Less and Remember More

Cut study time in half and triple retention of information with memory techniques that make learning fun and easy.

General Audiences:

1) Memory Fun 101 – Memory Training for Everyone

Memory is fundamental to learning, so developing powerful memory skills can be beneficial to people in any career and in just about everyone’s personal life. Learn fun and easy ways to remember anything: facts & figures, speeches/presentations, names, foreign languages, and much more!

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Ash Kumra is an award winning entrepreneur, author and public speaker recently recognized by the White House twice as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs making an impact for America. Ash is the co-leader for the Startup California Team for White House/Steve Case founded “Startup America” and chairman for Southern California based Tech Coast Venture Network. Ash is also the creator and author of the book series “Confessions from an Entrepreneur” (an inside look on how to succeed as an entrepreneur).

Ash has spoken to over 10,000 people on entrepreneurship, social media and branding for many colleges, institutions, and organizations including the White House, TEDX, Occidental College, Chapman University, UCLA, USC, Concordia University, and UC Irvine Merage Business School.

Ash is also co-founder of digital content distribution agency DesiYou; the 2010 recipient for “Best Digital Media” company by the Irvine Entrepreneur Forum. Ash is an active advisor to various consumer internet ventures. Ash is currently co-founder of DreamItAlive.com; an online community dedicated to guiding people to create, believe and live out their dreams using virtual dream boards.


Become an Conscious Entrepreneur – Building a business based on passion to attain maximal profits.

To be an “Conscious” entrepreneur also means you are making something that’s wildly profitable and making a positive change for the world. Learn how to build a business that benefits all stakeholders simultaneously (Investors, Employees, Customers, Cause/Business Partners).

Learning to be an influencer & connector

Learn best practices on how to be a “Connector” where your network is creating for you value 24/7 (and vice versa). These principles will help you get past being a “Networker” (someone who gives and creates value based on selfish needs others).

How to become a successful entrepreneur

Learn how to map out your passion, life goals, and dreams to help you figure out your true calling. We will also discuss how to build something with purpose and not to follow a trend.

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Ash Kumra is an outstanding speaker that manages to educate, entertain, and inspire. He spoke at our events and struck a chord with our diverse audience that included students, faculty, and industry professionals.

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Eric Siegel, Ph.D., an author of the acclaimed book “Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die”, an Executive Editor of the Predictive Analytics Times and founder of Predictive Analytics World and Text Analytics World, makes the how and why of predictive analytics understandable and captivating. Eric is a former Columbia University professor who used to sing to his students, and a renowned speaker, educator, and leader in the field. He has appeared on Bloomberg TV and Radio, Fox News, BNN (Canada), Israel National Radio, Radio National (Australia), The Street, Newsmax TV, and NPR affiliates. Eric and his book have been featured in Businessweek, CBS MoneyWatch, The Financial Times, Forbes, Forrester, Fortune, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and WSJ MarketWatch.

“Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die” is a rich, entertaining primer that reveals the power and perils of predictive analytics, showing how predicting human behavior combats financial risk, fortifies healthcare, conquers spam, toughens crime-fighting, and boosts sales.

Eric Siegel is an expert in predictive analytics and data mining and a former computer science professor at Columbia University, where he won the engineering school’s award for teaching, including graduate-level courses in machine learning and intelligent systems – the academic terms for predictive analytics. After Columbia, Dr. Siegel co-founded two software companies for customer profiling and data mining, and then started Prediction Impact in 2003, providing predictive analytics services and training to mid-tier through Fortune 100 companies.

Dr. Siegel is the instructor of the acclaimed training program, Predictive Analytics for Business, Marketing and Web, and the online version, Predictive Analytics Applied. He has published over 20 papers and articles in data mining research and computer science education and has served on 10 conference program committees.


Predictive Analytics: Tapping the Potential of Big Data

The excitement over “big data” has grown so dramatically as to assume the status of a Movement. But what is the the value, the function, the purpose? The most actionable thing to be gained from data is prediction. This is achieved by analytically learning from data how to render predictions for each individual. Such predictions drive more effective the millions of operational decisions that organizations make every day. In this keynote, Predictive Analytics World founder and Predictive Analytics author Eric Siegel reveals how predictive analytics works, and the ways in which it delivers value to organizations across industry sectors.

Segmentation and personalization with predictive analytics

Prediction delivers the ultimate payoff by driving millions of more effective, per-customer decisions. But prediction is the ultimate challenge and the ultimate mystery. How does predictive analytics work? At the heart of this technology is segmentation. It’s a kind of automated, hyper-segmentation on overdrive that leverages the best of machine learning and big data technology. In this keynote, Predictive Analytics World founder and Predictive Analytics author Eric Siegel shows how predictive analytics works and serves to personalize marketing.

Customer conversion with predictive analytics and social media

Prediction delivers the ultimate payoff by driving millions of more effective, per-customer interactions. But prediction is the ultimate challenge; predictive analytics can use all the help — and all the data — it can get. No data predicts a customer’s behavior like social data: who the customer knows, what sentiment he or she expresses, and which things the customer Likes. In this keynote, Predictive Analytics World founder and Predictive Analytics author Eric Siegel describes four ways in which predictive analytics drives better marketing engagement with the use of social data.

Four Ways Predictive Analytics Leverages Social Media

Prediction delivers the ultimate payoff by driving millions of more effective, per-customer decisions. But prediction is the ultimate challenge; predictive analytics can use all the help — and all the data — it can get. No data predicts a customer’s behavior like social data: who the customer knows, what sentiment he or she expresses, and which things the customer Likes. In this session, Predictive Analytics World founder Eric Siegel describes four ways in which predictive analytics drives better business decisions with the use of social data.

Five Ways to Lower Costs with Predictive Analytics

How does predictive analytics actively deliver increased returns? By driving operational decisions with predictive scores – one score assigned to each customer. In this way, an enterprise optimizes on what customers WILL do. But, in tough times, our attention turns away from increasing returns, and towards decreasing costs. On top of boosting us up the hill, can predictive analytics pull us out of a hole? Heck, yes. Marketing more optimally means you can market less. Filtering high risk prospects means you will spend less. And, by retaining customers more efficiently, well, a customer saved is a customer earned – and one you need not acquire. In this keynote, Eric will demonstrate five ways predictive analytics can lower costs without decreasing business, thus transforming your enterprise into a Lean, Mean Analytical Machine. You’ll want to run back home and break the news: We can’t afford not to do this.

Persuasion by the Numbers: Optimize Marketing Influence by Predicting It

Data driven marketing decisions are meant to maximize impact – right? Well, the only way to optimize marketing influence is to predict it. The analytical method to do this is called uplift modeling. This is a completely different animal from what most models predict: customer behavior. Instead, uplift models predict the influence on customer behavior gained by choosing one marketing action over another. The good news is case studies show ROI going where it has never gone before. The bad news? You need a control set… But you should have been using one anyway! The crazy part is that “marketing influence” can never be observed for any one customer, since it literally involves the inner workings of the customer’s central nervous system. If influence can’t be observed, how can we possibly model and predict it?

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“Simultaneously entertaining, informative, and nuanced. Siegel goes behind the hype and makes the science exciting.”

— Rayid Ghani, Chief Data Scientist, Obama for America 2012 Campaign


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Bryan Eisenberg is coauthor of the Wall Street Journal, Amazon, BusinessWeek, and New York Times bestselling books “Call to Action,” “Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?,” and “Always Be Testing.” Bryan is a professional marketing speaker and has keynoted conferences globally such as SES, Shop.org, Direct Marketing Association, MarketingSherpa, Econsultancy, Webcom, SEM Konferansen Norway, the Canadian Marketing Association, and others.

Bryan Eisenberg is the recognized authority and pioneer in online marketing, improving online conversion rates, persuasive content, and persona marketing. Bryan was been recognized by eConsultancy members as one of the top 10 User Experience Gurus, he was selected as one of the inaugural iMedia Top 25 Marketers, and a DMEF Rising Star Award winner in 2010.

Bryan has been a featured expert by The Wall Street Journal and the The New York Times and been quoted in Business 2.0, CXO Europe, Advertising Age, CNN, Forrester Research, Jupiter Research, Miami Herald, Publish, Internet Advertising Report (IAR), Chicago Business Tribune, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, Target Marketing, DM News, Microsoft’s bCentral, MarketingSherpa, the Toronto Star, Smart Money & Internet Retailer for his thought leadership in the critical area of internet marketing and improving online conversion rates.

In 1998, Bryan co-founded FutureNow Inc. (Bryan & Jeffrey are no longer associated in any way with FutureNow) , the company has been helping businesses generate more engagements, leads, subscriptions, and sales with its unique framework he helped develop, Persuasion Architecture®. Bryan’s proudest professional accomplishments are the thousands of companies, students and clients, including HP, NBC Universal, GE, WebEx, Overstock and Dell, that have consistently enjoyed dramatic improvement in sales.


Mad Men Data: How Marketing & Sales are Benefitting from Big Data Platforms

The old direct marketing mantra of “the money is in the list” should be modified today to say “the money is in the data.” Companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon have been leveraging massive amounts of data to dominate their respective industries. For example, Amazon uses big data to improve what products to highlight, how to deliver products at a better price than most of its competitors, how to ship more effectively, and how to merchandize more persuasively. Big data has the potential to impact every aspect of your business. In this session, we’ll explore: how you can leverage big data, what tools are available, how to act on big data insights in real time. We’ll cover everything marketers need to know about big data for marketing and sales but might have been afraid to ask. No analyst skills required.

21 Secrets of Top Converting Websites

The average conversion rate for a website is around 3%, but many websites convert at 10% or higher. What do they do that you may not be doing? Bryan Eisenberg, who has been helping companies improve their conversion rates since 1998 will reveal 21 of his most valuable tips that will help you increase your conversion rate. In this fast paced session you’ll find relevant examples from retail sites, B2B sites, publishers and everything in between. You’ll learn the key principle of GTC – Get the Cash! You’ll never be able to look at a website the same way again.

A Marketing Optimization Fitness Plan: Is Your Company Fit Enough to Keep Up with Today’s Customer?

Is your corporate metabolism a bit sluggish? Are you dragged down by the weight of meeting-itis? Do you need more energy and resources to respond to the ever-increasing demands of your customers? Corporate metabolism is the term Bryan uses to describe the speed at which organizations can make decisions, adapt, and evolve. Things are progressing at a faster pace today than ever before, yet corporations struggle to empower themselves to change with them. There is no magical black box to deal with this issue, with the persuasive infomercial that promises you miraculous gains without any of the hard work required. If you bought any of these gimmicks before and are tired of their sugar-coated promises and lackluster results, then maybe you are ready to get on the marketing optimization fitness plan. It’s hard to imagine the number of companies that were innovators in a technology that were able to capture a significant portion of the marketplace because of their first mover advantage, who then lost that “startup” edge. What happened is that their corporate metabolism slows and then they struggle to grow. If you need a cautionary tale, think about why Yahoo failed versus the speedy and agile Google. We’ll examine several corporate exercises that should help you on your way. Don’t worry if you don’t execute perfectly on the first try; the key to this plan is to continuously improve day after day.

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“Bryan Eisenberg is a joy to watch, listen to and learn from. His energy and his sense of humor and playfulness dramatically support the deep knowledge he is able to convey to an audience of one or one thousand. You walk away with an overwhelming feeling that you just like this guy – and then you realize just how much smarter you are for the experience. As an event producer and public speaker, I have also seen Bryan behind the curtain, preparing to speak. He is a consummate professional, dedicated to his craft and constantly adding new material to keep his presentations fresh, fresh, fresh. After nine years of speaking at my conferences, Bryan consistently pegs the needle on the survey results.”
– Jim Sterne – Producer, eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

“Bryan spoke at the Nordic eCommerce Summit in May 2010. He presented his 21 secrets of top converting websites. Bryan is an engaging and fun speaker delivering a high performance. The audience ranked him as the top speaker of the conference. Bryan delivered specific tips for the audience, tips many of them the day after could start implementing in their sites. The core value of The Nordic E-Commerce Summit is to deliver knowledge and inspiration to the e-tailers and Bryan really did this!”
– Kristian Hagset – Director of Marketing and Sales, Wipcore AB

“Bryan originally spoke as our Keynote at our flagship annual conference “Online Marketing Masterclassess: How to Acquire, Convert and Retain Customers Online”. Who better to talk about Conversion Optimisation than Bryan? Not only is he clearly a world-class expert in his field but Bryan is a fantastic speaker. Even though he was first after lunch, a tough slot, he both educated and entertained the audience. Our highest-rated speaker of the day! We’re now working with Bryan again, in the US as well as the UK.”
– Ashley Friedlein – CEO E-consultancy

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Richard Grehalva is the author of “Unleashing the Power of Consulting Selling” and “The Boomerpreneur Revolution” He combines the heart of a teacher and the head of a successful business executive to guide organizations and individuals to reach their true potential. The son of Greywolf an elder, he has been described as a “Renaissance Man” From growing up in the tough streets of East Los Angeles he developed a “Achiever not a Disbeliever Mindset.”

Richard Grehalva is a recognized industry expert on persuasion and influence for creating mindset performance strategies in marketing, consultative selling, leadership and life strategies. As an author, trainer and motivational speaker he has positively affected people and organizations worldwide.

A world class executive, expert in transforming organizations from the Fortune 500 to those aspiring to shift from ordinary to exceptional, Rich Grehalva has never been content to settle. From his humble beginnings as a youth on the mean streets of East Los Angeles, Rich knew he would never accept the status quo. At a young age he was driven by his intuitive knowledge that things can always be better and that excellence and significance were attainable. Rich evolved and implemented a strategy to change his world. Mission accomplished.

Grehalva’s rich cultural background provided him a foundation and understanding that there are many pathways to the summit. His broad international and domestic business successes and never ending examination on improving processes to attain superior results have shown him the best routes to the summit. As the founder of Rich Grehalva International Inc., Rich is positioned to share his knowledge to maximize and unleash the power within organizations and guide them to meaningful tangible results.

He transformed an exceptional background in senior executive leadership roles in companies throughout the world (over 20 countries) into leadership consulting for operations, sales, marketing, business development, project management and change management.

He also incorporates the teaching philosophy of his father Greywolf, a Native American elder and teacher into his programs. To maintain his competitive spirit, he is an award winning racecar driver and sometimes includes his live video feeds from the track to illustrate his points in motivational speaking programs.


Selling Upside Down – The Sales Funnel Is Pointing In the Wrong Direction

What if everything you know about sales and marketing was outdated and here is a secret it is. What if the sales funnel was pointed in the wrong direction…what if all the experts and Guru’s were wrong? What if instead, you could you use a system that generates more sales, improves your relationships, saves time and shows you how to get customers to buy again. Richard wrote the book on consultative selling and this is the next level of selling to the web savvy customer. “Selling Upside Down” will show you how to: Out wit…Out maneuver…Out smart…Out innovate and Outsell your competition.

The ABC’s of Success: Attitudes, Beliefs, Communications

In this talk learn the Patterns of Highly Effective Peak Performers. In Richard’s research of top performers he found it comes down to three critical areas. He calls them the ABC’s of Success. Learn How to Motivate Yourself in Becoming a Peak Performer. Learn to have a “Achiever not Disbeliever Mindset”. “Obtain your Success” even in tough times.

Run Your Own Line – 7 Keys for Winning the Race in your Personal and Professional Life

Richard Grehalva is an author, speaker, consultant, coach and an amateur race car driver and shares lessons learned on the race track. You will learn “To Win You Race”. Passion – What drives you to achieve? Team – It takes a team to compete and teamwork to win. The Line – To win it takes a plan. The Track – The importance of following processes. The Race Line – Change Happens! Flags – they are warning signals and you will learn to recognize what they are and what they mean. Run Your Own Line – You cannot compete if you do not show up.


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