Serial entrepreneur, process innovator, former executive for SAP and Procter & Gamble, responsible for billions of dollars in pipeline management. Frank Donny is an expert in predictive analytics, revenue performance, global demand generation, sales operations, product management and partner development.

Frank has 25+ years of experience at Fortune 100 and start-up organizations driving marketing and sales operations. In August of 2011, Frank launched his third company Marseli, a revenue intelligence and management software company. Marseli’s flagship solution, Marseli Revenue Intelligence, focuses on the predictive behaviors of sales people and how those behaviors impact revenue performance, marketing ROI and forecasting data integrity.

Before he founded Marseli, Frank was Senior Vice President of Demand Generation at Richardson, where he managed the areas of global demand generation, pipeline management, sales operations, product management and partner development. Prior to Richardson, Frank was the Senior Director of Marketing, Services Industries, at SAP Americas – where he was responsible for nearly $3 billion in pipeline management. Prior to joining SAP, Frank founded MindShare Marketing, a demand generation strategy and lead management process consulting company.

Frank began his sales and marketing career at Procter & Gamble and his entrepreneurial side emerged when in 1999 he co-founded CorePROFIT Solutions, a successful SaaS software and services firm that offers customer relationship management and profitability applications to the financial services industry.

Frank has a BS in Marketing from Marquette University and an MBA from Western Illinois. He hails from a farm in Monroe, Wisconsin and is proud to be a true cheesehead.


Leveraging Predictive & Behavior-Based Intelligence To Better Prepare for Change.

What does the future hold? For those of you in the business of marketing and selling – it holds CHANGE!
It’s a constant. It never stops. Getting a hold of change and controlling it is the holy grail of all business leaders. What if you could at least get a glimpse of change? Maybe have some level of intelligence that puts some clarity into your fuzzy future.
The good is that for you executives charged with generating your company’s revenue, there is a way to get that clarity.
Listen to inventor and author Frank Donny, as he creatively presents how you can use predictive, behavior-based analytics to improve future revenue performance. Frank invented the Marseli behavior-based predictive revenue intelligence methodology that is helping Fortune 500 companies get that glimpse into the future. Allowing key insights into how changing today, will impact tomorrow.

Attendees will learn the 14 key sales behaviors that can be tracked, assessed and leveraged to improve both personal and corporate sales performance. Presented in a funny, direct and personal manner, Frank will use real-life customer experiences to drive home each learning nugget.

Life lessons from the farm. Hard-learned wisdom to help you succeed in any career.

Growing up on a family farm in Wisconsin taught Frank Donny how to deal with a lot of crap. Literally. All kidding aside, lessons learned from growing up on a farm is a funny, uplifting and motivating session that will leave the audience with memorable actions they can immediately take to improve their personal and professional lives.
The session focuses on how to improve work ethic, building respect, accountability and how to work well with others. Life lessons from the farm follows an outline of the core ingredients that every person should use in their daily lives – as learned the hard way on the farm.
You can take the boy out of the farm, but not the farm out of the boy. Frank has leveraged these lessons to not only rise to the top of his career at SAP and win nearly every company award, become a successful Chief Marketing Officer several times over, but also become an entrepreneur and start three successful companies.

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