OLGA KOSTROVA is a serial entrepreneur, social innovator, visionary who inspires audiences with profound, often controversial insights derived from her 20+ years of marketing management career, entrepreneurial adventures, world travels and alternative transformational practices. Her speeches are visually stunning as they are accompanied by performing artists – from dancers to magicians, to make Olga’s messages understandable and memorable. Olga Kostrova is known for envisioning crowdfunding, and pioneering the industry with one of the first virtual co-funding and co-ideation platforms in 2004, inventing new marketing technologies and advertising models, facilitating unprecedented outcomes via C-suite executive coaching that led not only to increased performance and productivity but also got rid of clinical depression and paralysis – all in a single 2 hour session.


1) Envisioning New Forms of Collaborative Environment for 2015 To Increase Employee Retention, Performance, Productivity And Decrease Healthcare Costs.

Talent turnover becomes not only an operational challenge but also can turn in a PR disaster. In the era of booming social media, employees become social advocates and ex-employees the harshest critics. In her brutally honest speech Olga Kostrova reveals many hidden reasons why some employees might be getting ready to leave your company and forever spoil your reputation, and invites you to envision new forms of collaborative environments that will foster employee satisfaction. Your organization and employees will benefit from insights derived from her 20+ years of executive career, C-suite coaching and social media consulting.

2) What SMBs and Enterprises Fail To Consider For Successful Sales & Marketing Alignment.

According to Forrester Research more than 90 percent of organizations still have a marketing and sales alignment problem, despite the popularity of the subject. True marketing and sales alignment requires a fundamental shift, beyond marketing automation and process optimization. In her speech, the COO of SocialAgenda Media will share her professional observations and data from her peer-to-peer studies that will offer a change of the angle from which organizations are looking at the problem, to foster tangible transformation.

3) What Angler Fish Learned From BDSM And You, As A Corporate Leader, Can Learn Too.

For decades leadership has been described as “a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”. Studies of leadership have produced theories involving traits, situational interaction, function, behavior, power, vision and values, charisma, and intelligence, among others. In her presentation Olga challenges such common misconceptions as power and control and “externalization” of leadership, and instead focuses on a secret sauce that both angler fish and BDSM practitioners have learned, that as a corporate leader you can learn too.

4) 10 Shocking Similarities Between Leadership And Pole Dancing.

Insights for this humorous and provocative speech has not been derived from the speaker’s personal experience, but use rather this metaphor for entertainment and demonstration of the subject matter. The speech is accompanied by performance of an invited professional pole dancer (male and/or female). There is no nudity in the performance, it is interactive and therefore great for casual parties and closing pre-gala keynotes.

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Olga Kostrova not only delivered entertaining and insightful sales, marketing and leadership speeches for our event; her C-suite coaching also helped a few of our core executive team members recover from personal traumas and physical diseases that effected their productivity and personal performance. We have decided to risk and rebuild some areas of our office and add what she called a “screaming room”, with the sound system, for employees to release work related (and unrelated) stress in guided environment. And apparently they love it! But it’s still a stealth project…

– – CEO of undisclosed company

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