Blessed with charisma and warmth this renowned Bay Area TV news anchor, former mayor of Los Gatos, Emmy-award winning content producer, Black Journalism Pioneer award recipient, businessman, thought leadership marketer, community activist, emcee and keynote speaker adds just enough humility and humor to a willingness to be controversial. Jan has lived a charmed life and brings a unique set of experiences to his topics. Jan Hutchins is the CEO of SocialAgenda Media where he leverages his diverse background in media, politics, business, sports and health to launch remarkable clients with remarkable solutions for our world.

Jan was born in the Danville, Illinois projects, raised on a farm in Wooster, Ohio, graduated from Yale, spent 20+ years as a sports and news TV anchor in the San Francisco Bay Area, ran Community PR for the San Francisco Giants, produced an Emmy award-winning children’s program with Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott, served on the Council and was Mayor of Los Gatos, CA, and now runs SocialAgenda Media with his beautiful bride. Jan has literally been there and done that and his speeches offer perspective and insights available to someone who’s lived so many different lives and seen life through so many different eyes.

On race: He’s Black but was raised living with a rich white family in Ohio and has been the “only one in the room” much of his life, thus his interesting take on identity and how it shows us the way to solve society’s problems.

On politics: A Yale educated radical, affirmative action success, who came just bullets away from joining the Black Panthers. Hear what he learned as Mayor of a California city that can help your company prosper.

On health: A late-blooming fat kid who shed 30 pounds to become an all-conference athlete his Senior year in High School. An early convert to health and fitness who taught yoga for 23 years and ran a transformational community center for 11. You’ll feel real enthusiasm and leave inspired.

On business: A year out of school he walked into a major-market TV station, asked for, and amazingly, got his dream job as a sportscaster, spent 20+ years as a sports and news anchor in the San Francisco Bay Area, left broadcasting because it became “part of the problem”, ran Community PR for the San Francisco Giants and produced an Emmy award-winning children’s program with Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott before learning the answer to why no thing is ever enough.

Jan has literally been there and done that, and his speeches offer perspectives and insights only available to someone who’s lived so many different lives.





Commencement speeches:

Emcee / moderator:

Conference emcee Jan Hutchins moderates Vistage Executive Summit, San Jose

Keynote speeches:

LeadGen Journalism – taking brand journalism to the next level

In this speech Jan Hutchins shares a demand generation innovation that his thought leadership marketing company, SocialAgenda Media, has been successfully employing to not only help their B2B clients scale their content marketing operation but also boost their business development efforts and generate a steady flow of sales-ready leads.

The impact and secret sauce of crowdsourced and crowdfunded projects and communities

In this speech, Jan Hutchins, Black Journalism Pioneer and former Mayor of Los Gatos, CA, informs audiences about the empowerment available through the new ways the energy of the many can be made to act as one. He shares the necessary attitudes, secret insights and unintended consequences of unleashing the power of the crowd.

Why you need to become content about Content Marketing leading your company?

Is content marketing the future of enterprise? Former TV anchorman and Mayor of Los Gatos California, Jan Hutchins, now CEO of SocialAgenda Media says “yes” and explains the inevitability of the rise of quality information in commerce. In his speech Hutchins investigates the perceptions being shattered; how engaged-via-content customers effect management’s tendency to get in the way; the way it forces everyone in business to face and change their ineffective beliefs; how its increased ROI and ability to enable crowdsourcing will take your career to the top.

Influencing communities by understanding the “community” within

In this leadership development speech tailored for community managers, public relations professionals, corporate executives and entrepreneurs Jan Hutchins helps audience to understand how to lead individuals with different needs and personalities and inspire change, by understanding the many facets within our own selves. Your event attendees will leave with tools that will enable them to handle more gracefully conflicts happening within and without.

Modern Leadership for the well being of individuals

Why do most of our efforts to change fail? Resolutions are a joke, real change in our society feels impossible, even the super-rich seem dissatisfied, lovers hurt one another and overdosing on prescription pain medication has zoomed past automobile accidents to become the leading cause of accidental death in America. Why so much pain, depression, divorce? Why the highest suicide rates ever for the youngest and oldest cohorts in our society? The answers to these troubling questions and the answers for those who would be leaders in business, lie at the end of a road known in literature and lore as the Hero’s Journey. Jan Hutchins, who’s taken to that road many times in his life, challenges audiences to face their fears, look within, kill the Buddha, die before death and remake themselves, their businesses and our world before it’s too late.

Creating Serendipity

Serendipity means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it. Is it possible to consciously create serendipity? Is there a way of being, of making choices that promote “happy accidents” and “pleasant surprises” in life? Celebrity, politician, yogi, producer, journalist, businessman Jan Hutchins entertains as he informs about the art and science of choosing to live serendipitously.

Uniting to thrive

The world finds itself caught in battles, wars and differences at all levels from marriage to family to community to nations. There’s even a life and death struggle going on between humans and the planet. At SocialAgenda Media and on the stage, Jan Hutchins is promoting ways for people to thrive instead of continuing to struggle just to survive. Hutchins solutions for handling diversity combine mind-blowing new technologies with ancient human understandings.

Fitness way past 50

As the Baby Boomer generation hits their fifties, sixties and flirts with their seventies our beliefs about aging are changing. What are we to do with all these “extra” years? And if we’re not already lean and fit, how do we become healthy enough and happy enough to enjoy them and prosper? 64-year-old Renaissance man, Jan Hutchins, spent more than 40 years studying human performance with world-class athletes and trainers, changed his career nine times, taught yoga for 23 years and looks and lives like he’s 50. You’ll enjoy and learn as most interesting fit man alive offers his insights and secrets for laughing and loving one’s way into later life. Of course he might be laughing because his wife is 39-years-old and beautiful.

Speaker  | Voice over talent  |  Business Leader

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Major accomplishments:

  • Former Mayor of the town of Los Gatos
  • TV newscaster with 20 years anchoring sports & news
  • Honored as a black journalism pioneer
  • 20 year career teaching emotional intelligence, facilitating events, speaking
  • Emmy award winning creative-producer of a TV show


Jan Hutchins is key to JobTrain’s success and image. As emcee for 30 years, Jan put Breakfast of Champions on the Silicon Valley map. Jan not only emcees our successful Golf Classic, but he actually conceptualized and launched the event. Jan’s sophisticated perspective, generous heart and irreverent humor add up to an irresistible style with plenty of substance.

– Sharon Williams, Executive Director of JobTrain

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Jan’s speeches in press:

Jan Hutchins, former sportscaster, makes a comeback to motivate

Executive Coach Jan Hutchins moderates Vistage Executive Summits

Motivational speakers presented by emcee & executive coach Jan Hutchins at Job Train fundraising events

Celebrity leadership trainer & executive coach Jan Hutchins emcees Job Train fundraising events

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